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FoneNxt is a Banking-as-a-Platform solution for a new generation. It’s a platform that has been carefully engineered to satisfy the requirements of our banking partners, and their end-users.

No two solutions are same between our banking partners, as we curate strategic solutions that are empowered by our robust library system of solutions that are scalable, modular and designed around your tech ecosystem.

The name of the game is customer experience, and our goal while developing banking solutions to delight & inspire the end-user, while empowering our banking partner to reach their acquisition and retention goals.

We design & develop solutions

That are tailored to our partner’s larger strategic framework for optimum results.

We offer solutions that last ...

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Explore FoneNxt’s suite of seven essential services, covering everything from fully digital onboarding to cards and wealth management, personal finance, remittance, and kids saving. Redefine your banking experience with our comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

Fully Digital Onboarding

Accounts Management

Cards Management

Personal Finance Management

Wealth Management


Kids Saving

What we offer

Empowering Banking partners:

Empowering End-Users:

Offering Solutions That Last

FoneNxt excels in customized Banking-as-a-Platform solutions, uniquely crafted for each partner. Our scalable library system ensures seamless integration, enhancing customer experience to meet acquisition and retention goals. What sets us apart is our commitment to enduring solutions in the dynamic financial landscape.

Tailor Made

Each BFSI organization holds unique brand values, demographics, and propositions. We tailor solutions to align precisely with partners’ strategic frameworks. We optimize operations, engage customers, and enhance market competitiveness by embedding solutions strategically.


In our commitment to longevity, our solutions endure the test of time. Yet, in today’s business flux, updates are vital. We offer partners comprehensive support, preserving operational excellence sans OPEX strain. Our focus: enhance capabilities, ensure cost efficiency.


At our solution’s core lies a customer-centric framework. Modular and OPEX-supported, it empowers partners to expand services, engage customers, and streamline operations. Our goal is to elevate the holistic customer experience.

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Full-time Employees


Full-time Engineers


Annual Transactions 

20 Million

Customer Base

1.5 Million

Daily Transactions

1 Million +



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