A global Banking-as-a-Platform brand that brings world-class FinTech solutions that are customer-experience driven.

Corporate Information

With a slew of services from suite, ranging from fundamental solutions like accounts management, cards management, remittance to cutting-edge solutions like kids savings, personal finance management, and many more.

FoneNxt supports its BFSI partners all the way from design to operational support, while ensuring the solutions we’ve curated matches the partner’s business, finance and technology strategies.

From F1Soft Company

FoneNxt is part of the F1Soft Group umbrella. F1Soft Group manages a network of digital solutions that enhance the accessibility of financial services for individuals in Nepal. FoneNxt and the F1Soft Group have a core belief that financial inclusion is of top priority, which must be enabled through affordable, secure and accessible means.

Digital Banking is one of the key drivers of the F1Soft Group’s growth journey since over 19 years. We are confident in raising the flag higher and making bigger leaps forward to benefit the people of Nepal and beyond.

Tiger On A Cliff

Explore FoneNxt’s suite of seven essential services, covering everything from fully digital onboarding to cards and wealth management, personal finance, remittance, and kids saving. Redefine your banking experience with our comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

Our Core Values

We start with

We are committed to honesty and reliability in all our relationships to ensure that we trust each other and our customers trust us.

We are driven by

We are guided by the highest moral and ethical standards and take full responsibility of our actions while caring deeply about the outcomes.

We work with

We strive for excellence and remain focused and resilient to overcome all challenges even when faced with adversity.

We embrace

We put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand their feelings and perspectives to create an environment for human-centric relationships and customer-centric innovations.

We stand for

We recognize that every individual is unique and treat everyone with dignity regardless of gender, class, opinion or creed.

Our Core Values

A culture of

Individuals work collectively towards a greater common goal by sharing knowledge, ideas and resources with mutual trust for one another.

A culture of

Gritty individuals and teams embrace each challenge and setback as an opportunity to adapt, re-strategize and grow.

A culture of

Everyone is focused on creating leading-edge solutions based on empathy by putting customers at the core of everything.

A culture which is

Individuals demonstrate integrity to participate in interactions and decisions that are impartial, unprejudiced and unbiased.

A culture which is

Individuals feel valued and treat each other with respect to nurture a vibrant and inclusive workplace with an enjoyable experience.

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Annual Transactions 

20 Million

Customer Base

1.5 Million

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